Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flower, garden and Nature Society's 'Through the Garden Gate' tour main topic of June 2010 newsletter

From the President........ 
June, and our "Through the Garden Gate" tour, are now 
behind us. And what a great tour it was. There are a lot of 
people who made it possible, starting at the top with our 
co-chairs, Gloria McIntosh and Lois Slusarek, who did an 
amazing job of finding gardens (and finding seven of 
them!) and keeping up with and coordinating all of the 
scads of details. I'm very impressed with their 
organizational skills, not to mention their persuasiveness. 
They also pulled together a great team of people to help 
them. Libby Wheeler and Mary Bess Mulhollan found and 
scheduled the FGNS volunteers who worked at the 
gardens. Sue Kerst and Ann   Engskov handled publicity 
for the tour, and Martha Ward and Valerie Fletcher took 
charge of refreshments. And of course there are all of you 
who volunteered to base a garden, or to work a shift. 
Thanks to all of you, because we needed all of you. 
I should also thank the garden owners, several of whom are 
or have been FGNS members, who allowed us to bring a 
large number of people into their gardens, and who spent 
countless hours all spring long preparing. 
So how did we do? We know we had at least 374 visitors at 
Lynnwood, Lynn Roger's garden. And we know that we 
made somewhere around $4,700 this year (I say "around" 
because there may still be a few minor expenses that are 
still outstanding, but that's going to be pretty close). I think 
both of those numbers are fantastic. Our highly efficient 
treasurer, when she reported them, called it "an 
extraordinary effort and an outstanding success", and I 
completely agree. As always, half the profits will be 
donated to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, and the 
other half will fund our FGNS activities and speakers for 
Thanks again, everyone. 
June 2010 
Volume 15 Number 6 
We come from the earth 
we return to the earth 
and in between 
we garden. 

FGNS Officers 
Steve Marak 
3460 Roma Drive 
Springdale, AR 72762 
H 479 271-5278 
Heather Cook 
4436 Highland Knolls Rd 
Rogers, AR 72758 
H 479 366-9067 
Joyce Mendenhall 
689 Winbaugh Lane 
Fayetteville, AR 72703 
H 479 466-7265 
Sharon Haley 
11651 Red Bluff Road 
Hindsville, AR 72738 
H 479-789-2127 
Gail Pianalto 
Past President 
P.O. Box 444 
Tontitown, AR 72770 
H 479 361-2198 
Paula Marinoni 
617 W. Lafayette 
Fayetteville, AR 72701 
H 479 444-6170 
Garden Tour 
Special Edition 
Watch for the 
July newsletter. 
See you at the 
July meeting 
with Joyce 
President's Message p. 1 
Garden Tour Photos p. 2 
Members Corner p. 5 
Other Garden Events p. 5 
Calender p. 6 
What's On the Web p. 6 
2010 Speaker List p. 7
Many people helped to make the “Through the Garden Gate” garden tour a success. 
Special thanks to our co-chairs, Gloria McIntosh and Lois Slusarek and volunteers 
committee, Libby Wheeler and Mary Bess Mulhollan. 
Garden tour co-chairs Gloria 
McIntosh and Lois Slusarek 
Libby Wheeler and Mary Bess 
Members Corner 
Don't forget to visit Lynn Roger's blog at: 
Other Garden Events 
aThe Tulsa Herb Society welcomes Crescent Dragonwagon to Tulsa, specifically to the 
Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa, OK on July 12th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. 
Crescent Dragonwagon a.k.a. Ellen Zolotow is a writer, teacher, and performer who works 
in the literary, culinary and dramatic arts and the author of more than fifty books. Her 
presentation is titled, "Food, Shelter, Story: The World comes to us by Plate & Word". 
aPlant Delights Plant Sale. We all enjoyed Tony Avent of Plant Delights and now he's having 
a sale but it won't last long! See Below. 
We need some space to propagate for spring, so instead of kicking these plants to the curb...a 
little soccer lingo, we thought we'd give you a chance to purchase them for your own gardens 
at 20% off. The 20% off only applies to orders placed by midnight July 5, 2010 and scheduled 
to ship or be picked up no later than July 7, 2010. Quantities are limited on some items, so sale 
prices are only valid while current stock lasts. Because our cost of doing business is less on 
the website, this sale is available only for orders placed on the website. Thanks for 
understanding and enjoy! 
Click the soccer ball below to go to the website. 
All are welcome to join the Flower, Garden and Nature Society of Northwest Arkansas. 
For membership, clip and return to Sharon Haley, 11651 Red Bluff Road, Hindsville, AR 72738. 
Name(s) __________________________________________________________phone_________________ 
Family Members__________________________________________________________________________ 
Address ____________________________________________City/Zip _____________________________ 
E-Mail __________________________________________________Fax ____________________________ 
Main Interests____________________________________________________________________________ 
Type of Membership: New____ Renew____     $15 Individual         $20 Family               # years in area ____ 
Please include names of family members, ages of child(ren), and * those who need cards and name tags. 
Memberships are annual (January-December) and renewable in December. 
Make checks payable to FGNS of NWA (The Flower, Garden and Nature Society of 
Northwest Arkansas). 
For more information regarding membership, call Jeanne Silvestri 479-587-1785 
Calendar of Event 
Joyce Mendenhall 
Washington County 
Master Gardener 
Scenes of Monet’s 
Garden in Giverny 
Meetings start at 10:00 
with social time at 9:30. 
Renee Reed 
Garden writer and 
owner of Reed;s 
Designs Landscaping 
Herbs: Their 
Folklore and What 
To Do With Them 
Meetings start at 10:00 
with social time at 9:30. 
Fred Spiegel 
U of A Professor of 
What is That 
Meetings start at 10:00 
with social time at 9:30. 
Whats on the WEB? 
Contribute to the newsletter! 
Tell us where you've been, what you've 
grown, or what you have seen around 
town. Ask us to help you solve a garden 
problem or identify a plant. The newsletter 
is better with your contributions. 
Cathy Marak, FGNS Newsletter Editor
2010 Laurin Wheeler Program Series 
Flower, Garden and Nature Society of NWAR 

January 16 Round-table discussion, bring favorite garden tool for show and tell. 
February 20 Jeb Leggett, Custom Landscape and Nursery, Mt. Vernon, AR  “Unusual Landscape Trees and 

March 20 Tony Avent, owner Plant Delights Nursery, Raleigh, North Carolina, “Exploration to 

April 17 Berni Kurz, Washington County Extension Agent, “Care and Maintenance of Water Gardens” 

May 15 Ricky Corder & Jon Zawislak, entomologist, UA Cooperative Extension, “Solitary Bees and 
Syrphid Flies As Pollinators” 

June 5 Through the Garden Gate tour at selected NWAR gardens 
July 17 Joyce Mendenhall, Washington County Master Gardener, FGNS member, “Scenes of Monet’s 
Garden in Giverny” 

August 21 Renee Reed, garden writer and owner of Reed’s Designs Landscaping, “Herbs: Their Folklore 
and What to do with Them” 

September 18Fred Spiegel, UA Professor of Mycology, “What is that Fungus?”   
October 16 Lynn Rogers, FGNS member, “Tree Identification Workshop”   
November 20Steve Marak, FGNS member, “Botanical Latin” 
Social time begins at 9:30 with the programs starting around 10:00 a.m. Contact: Lynn Rogers, 479-841-8759. 
Meet in Student Center of NWAR Technical Institute, Ford Av. and Old Missouri Rd., Springdale, AR.